Wild Strawberries

My husband and I couldn’t go hiking without me calling him over many times to look at something interesting I found: strange tree fungus, uncurling ferns, white moss on rocks, colorful fall leaves resting in a calm pool.  Every one of these could just as easily be stepped on, or overlooked, if the goal is just to get somewhere.  Getting somewhere is a great goal, but I also enjoy looking for the small, amazing things nature has in store along the way.  Life is a path too, for being somewhere, or someone, better in the end.  I may end up where I planned or maybe not, but that’s not as interesting or significant as how I walked.  Did I stop long enough to see, listen, and enjoy, or did I just look straight ahead, focused only on how far I can go, making no time to find the many delightful, insightful discoveries along the way.

  • Wild Strawberries/Seek and Find 
  • How amazing to find wild strawberries. Crimson red.
  • More flavor than strawberries ten times their size.
  • Why did God make such a treasure so small?
  • Would a quart-size strawberry be so bad?
  • What would be the fun in finding that?

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