There are days when things go along just fine and I’m able to accomplish all I want.  But there are days when things don’t go fine, days with a hiccup or three.  These hiccups, whether they occur naturally, by my screw-ups, or because of someone else’s, cause disruptions in the normal flow.  My tendency is to push through, usually resulting in mistakes, and rising levels of frustration and emotions.  Oh, I’d finish alright but at what cost.  My daughter told me the other day, why push yourself when you’ve got something pushing you already, and she’s right.  There’s a big difference between wanting and needed to get things done.  What doesn’t have to get done today will get done at some point, but not at the expense of my needs, needs I must stay aware of.  The bad cold hiccup tells me to get some more rest, so I’ll rest because a healthy me is a productive me.  Mistake hiccups tell me to slow down and fix ‘em, don’t skip ‘em.  Don’t ignore the hiccups.  Tending to my needs gets me going along just fine.  It’s OK to bring home the bacon and NOT fry it up in a pan (Enjoli perfume commercial 1980).


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