Where’s My Joy?

My grandkids so easily find great joy in the smallest things.  After being away for a week, I stopped in to see my granddaughter.  She squealed with joy, wiggled from her mommy’s arms, and toddled over for a hug.  More joy than she could contain over just seeing me.  I saw my grandson later and he ran over for a hug yelling, “Oona, I missed you so much!”  What I want to know is where can I find joy like that?  What is it that robbed me of that kind of joy as I became an adult?  My grandchildren spend each day between happy and sad, pursuing what makes them happy, while their parents eliminate what makes them sad.  Adults live between responsibility, stress, cares, problems, obligations, and schedules, letting happy slip by and tolerating sad.  No, this shouldn’t be what awaits me as an adult.  Children should be taught that, as they grow, these adult things will try to steal their joy, something just as necessary as eating and exercise.  No longer given time to pursue it, I must take the time to seek it out and acknowledge it.  Never settle for a life without joy.  Never tolerate sadness.


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