Step – Acceptance

My daughter explained why having an explanation for why something happened is settling.  There’s a revelation in saying “oh, that’s why”, making it possible to move on.  This reason can be one of mind, as in logical, or one of heart, as in acceptable.  Many times a scientific reason will do the trick, making it possible to move on.  But sometimes there’s a second why waiting to be answered, a reason harder, if not impossible, to find.  Why did my husband die?  The scientific reason is a massive heart attack.  OK, but why did he have to die?  Both ask why but only the first can be answered, moving me to the second, more dangerous, question. I picture myself close to the edge of the answer cliff, and ask why.  The answer is logical but not acceptable, so I take one more step, making the edge break away and I start to fall.  But there’s a rope that holds the possibility of answering the second why, so I grab on and focus on the rope, not realizing that inches below my feet is the ledge of acceptance.  Stop focusing on the rope, land on acceptance, the ledge will hold you.


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