Step – Plan

We didn’t talk about how his death would impact me.  More importantly we didn’t write down a plan.  Two plans actually, since my needs would differ from his.  These plans would have been changed as our lives changed since each life event would result in a different scenario.  The plan would have included reasons why, so the plan wouldn’t be questioned when put into place.  Stay or move?  If move, where?  Keep working or retire? Can I afford to retire?  If so, what’s the plan, if not, stay with my job or find another?  Should I go away for a while?  If yes, where and for how long? Who’s going to do the big jobs around the house? Do I know how to use the tractor to plow and mow?  If I was a stay-at-home mom, what’s the plan for my children’s care if I had to find a job?  Important decisions to be made before, while I was capable, when I could think clearly, not after when each choice was a struggle, just wanting to avoid.  All I would have had to do was follow the plan, taking chosen steps, making steady progress towards where I need to be.


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