There’s a tendency for people to want to be like other people; clothes, hairstyles, glasses, agreeing on when not to wear white.  It’s natural to want to fit it, but being unique, having your own style, or wanting more than just the same is an exciting alternative.  I have 5 sisters, with 17 years between the oldest and youngest.  When we were young, the age difference was huge, but after marriage and kids, not so much.  Raised by the same parents, you’d think we’d be very much alike, but that’s not the case.  We seem to be the most alike in the things we don’t like about ourselves – forward laying hair, weak stomach muscles.  But in what matters, we each found our own way, becoming unique individuals who just happen to share a few traits, but were able to uncover the wonderful things that make us different.

Snowflakes/Unique (Fort Collins, CO)

  •   Snowflakes land in our hair and on our jackets.
  • I’ve never seen any like these before.
  • Intricate shapes. Extraordinary detail.
  • Someone snaps a photo to save the memory.
  • We are captured but not the snowflakes. They melted too fast.
  • Six sisters, each unique, just like these flakes of snow.

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