Valentine Days

Valentine’s Day – yuck!  So we need a specific day to show our significant other we love them by buying them flowers, or even better, jewelry, taking them out to dinner, indulging them with chocolate, or maybe just giving them a card.  If it was really so important it would be a certain Sunday in February so you’d have the whole day, like Mother’s Day.  Moms certainly deserve a whole day of love and appreciation each year, but apparently our loved ones, not so much.  You might think my lack of excitement for Valentine’s Day is because I don’t have a significant other in my life, but that’s not true.  It’s always been my least favorite appointed “special” day.  It’s because I’ve experienced some Valentine Days; days when my husband would give me a gift out of the blue – even if it was just a peppermint patty – my favorite candy.  He thought of me, on his own, without any encouragement to do so.  More than that, thinking of me prompted him to do something nice for me.  To be thought of, to be given even the smallest gift for no reason, such a wonderful demonstration of love!


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