What If We Knew

What if we knew in February he was going to die in March?  How would we have lived? We would have spent time differently, would have used kinder words, would have had more patience, would have found more joy, would have experienced more adventures, would have worked less, and would have compromised.  Would have, would have, would have.  Why didn’t we anyway?  Time is so easy to spend without thought.  Words flow without thinking or restraint.  Patience is many times an afterthought.  Joy seems to be something that just happens rather than pursued.  Adventures just have to wait because we need to work as much as we can, so we can have more than we need.  Winning is more desirable than a tie.  And most importantly, we’ve got all the time in the world.  There’s nothing farther from the truth.  What would each day be like if my first thought before saying or doing anything was, I could die tomorrow?  Would I think before spending it or speaking? Would I want to show patience, pursue joy, find one more adventure, work less, and forget about winning? Then why not do it anyway and stop taking one more day for granted.


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