Even Though

I should have added an “even though” to my blog yesterday.  As the thought came, I immediately decided it should be turned around.  Why I’m not sure, because it certainly makes me look unfavorable, but it’s only fair.  I considered saying, I needed him back even though he was flawed.  Yikes! Why did I think of him as flawed instead of me?  Why didn’t I consider that I was the reason the two of us together were flawed?  Memories of disagreements go immediately to what he did and said that I didn’t like or agree with, instead of what I did or said that he didn’t like or agree with.  It’s easy to recall the times he hurt me, making it difficult to not only comprehend the possibility that I hurt him, but also admit that I did.  How easy to put myself on a pedestal and him in the dirt!  We stayed together, even though together we were flawed, because our determination to make our marriage work was greater than our deficiencies.  Similar, but not as amazing, to those who walk, even after being told they’d never walk again.  I’d have him back even though we’re both flawed.


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