Sweet and Savory

I make a really nice squash soup.  I’ve learned from watching Chopped that the combination of sweet and savory is the key to great taste, so I modified the recipe (I do this a lot) to combine both of these into this very simple vegetarian soup.  Besides the squash, there’s a couple of root vegetables, and for the sweet I add apples, and the savory, plain yogurt instead of cream.  My life should also taste great by including both sweet and savory each day.  Sweet is great, but I picture too much as floating above reality, and too little, as stuck in the mud of sadness and despair.  Savory is the sassy, the spice, the spirit, but I picture too much as running through life, while too little, as trudging down the same straight and narrow path.  Combine the two in the right amounts and life is balanced.  I’ve experienced balanced days, days with too much or too little savory, and many days over recent years with not enough sweet.   Most of my sweet comes from others, while over-the-top savory is all me.  I’m working on fixing that; pushing back the excess savory, and pulling out the sweet, within me.  (See my Recipe Page)


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