What Really Matters

So I made my list.  It was harder than I thought to come up with things I should do, and who I am and want to be.  When I was done classifying the list, I found many more, would be nice and need to go, than those that really matter.  Putting me and what surrounds me into words, this self-assessment, made me realize I have too much stuff, and showed me where I’m lacking and where I’m spending too much time and money.  Some things made it on the really matters list because I enjoy them so much, no more than that, because I enjoy watching TV but it didn’t make it on that list.  It’s more like they calm my spirit by focusing my attention on learning something new, expanding my skills, or providing priceless experiences.  Scanning down the shorter list of what really matters made it clear how much easier it will be to concentrate of those few, rather than fitting in all.  How it’s possible to consider each, would be nice and got to go, declaring them not important, and doing, being, and having those things that matter instead.  I’ll need to check my list a lot!


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