Really Matter

I stood and watched a cardinal at my feeder yesterday, admiring how beautiful his deep red feathers were in contrast to the bright white snow.  Does he know he’s beautiful; does he care?  I’m sure he doesn’t because it doesn’t matter to him.  There are few things that do and those are very important, like food, water, and shelter; things needed to stay alive.  I, on the other hand, have many things that matter.  Some very important like the cardinal’s, but others I’ve made so.  It would be wonderful to have a husband, but I don’t need one.  Sticking to my kitchen renovation budget came down to what mattered, not what would be nice to have.  I wish having great hair didn’t matter, but it does, so I find myself being grumpy because I don’t.  My conclusions are, the more things that matter, the more opportunity for disappointment, and life is simpler when there are fewer things that matter.  I need to make a list of all I do, should do; am, want to be; have, want, and classify them as really matters, would be nice, and need to go, so I can concentrate on those that really matter.


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