In Spite Of

I’ve written about my favorite lacking excuse before.  I would be, would have, or would do, if only.  I would be content, if only . . .  I’d have joy, if only . . .   Mine is, I would do more outside activities, if only someone would go with me.  The “if only” excuse is all about what I’m lacking and how the lack thereof prevents me from being someone I think I should be, having something I want, or doing something I enjoy.  It’s a pretty easy excuse to use, especially if the improbability of the “if only” is high, for example, getting a different husband, being able to afford a personal trainer, or a social introvert finding a friend.  Instead of using the excuse to not, I should find a reason why I can.  To start with, substitute “if only” with in spite of.  In spite of what I lack, I’m going to be, have, or do anyway.  I’m going to be content in spite of living alone.  I can have joy in spite of losing my husband, my best friend.  I will participate in outside activities in spite of having no one to go with me.  In spite of, I can, I will ! ! !


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