Just Talking

If just talking about what might make me happy, actually made me happy, I’d already be happy (from the book I Want To Change My Life).  Exercise works the same; if just talking about it made me fit and trim!  Talking or even writing a blog about difficulties or about turning me into a better me, is a great first step, but how far can one step take me?  Talking does help discover why I’m not, why I do or don’t, or maybe it just feels good to tell someone.  I sometimes share unpleasant experiences and it feels great to disperse them out into the universe.  Whatever the universe does with them, I don’t care because I’m no longer carrying them around.  All other long-standing me-issues need to get dispersed too, which means getting past that first step, replacing talking with doing something about it.  Step #2,  choose a solution; step #3, put it into place; and step #4, add determination so it continues to happen.  At the end of 2016, I re-read my blogs and found actions I took to make the changes I needed and wanted, but I also found some I only wrote about, so I’m putting those into place, moving forward instead of stuck.


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