BE Brave

In the book March, a brave man is described as quaking with fear, sweating, with bowels betraying him, but in spite of all this he does the very act he fears.  The word cowardice covers the first three portrayals and if there is no more, a coward is what you’ll be.  The final step turns cowardice into courage, making it possible to conquer that which you dread.  But what makes the final step possible?  I believe it’s pulling courage from the strength you know, rather than feel, is there; choosing to BE brave.  I’ve experience a greater fear, not just of certain acts, but of each and every day after life, its certainty or uncertainty, hits you full force.  I avoided the physical signs of fear, doing things to cover it up, like the comfort of company on weekends, and being busy with work and projects all week.  But avoiding isn’t conquering.  After reading this description of being brave, I realized I could have conquered my fears much earlier.   I’ve said it’s OK not to be brave, BUT not forever, so I’m taking the final step, choosing to BE brave, willing myself to believe I’m stronger than I feel.


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