Choose to Love

My granddaughter kicked, screamed, and threw herself on the floor yesterday in protest to an action of mine she didn’t like.  After we picked out a couple of books, I took her hand to head to the couch, but she decided she wanted to stay.  Since I’m bigger, I just picked her up, sat down on the couch, and started reading – everything was now fine.  Adults don’t react that way to people they disagree with; instead they think unkind thoughts and use unkind words, and all because those people think, look, or live differently.  I’ve come across tattooed people with purple hair, gay couples, and brass, pushy women  – so many people very different from me and I think why should any of those differences bother me?  Each, a person, just like me, whose only “crime” is making different choices than mine.  Nothing wrong with laying out and exploring choices in order to make the best choice, but the choices people make are up to each person, not me.  My life is based on the choices I make, not the choices others make.  So I’ll choose to love instead of judge and make my life a little bit happier.


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