Slowly Forward

“Your speed doesn’t matter.  Forward is forward.”  A quote in great contrast to our whirlwind world where thoughts and actions tend toward how fast I can get this done so I can move on to something else I need to do.  A lifestyle I created, at first through responsibilities, and then demanded  by an intense need to fill up my day, so I wouldn’t feel.  It seems counterintuitive, but my recently discovered slower pace in daily living has made a huge difference in moving my life forward.  I had stopped setting crazy deadlines for the things on my daily to-do list.  I was laughing more and felt a new kind of peace.  A restfulness, a quietness in my heart, mind, and spirit, a take my time pace, and a do it well attitude.  Life isn’t about how fast I can spend it or about piling on a boat load of busy, which is moving, but not necessarily forward.  It’s about seeing how far I can move my life forward, past the difficult, over the obstacles, around what seems impossible.  It’s taking time to breathe, wonder, and adjust to all that living entails.  Slowly forward is looking good to me!


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