You Matter to Me

I wonder if I’ll see the day when a person is just a person.  When there won’t be a magazine cover stating this is the first black man to be on the cover, or an awards nomination stating this is the first woman ever nominated, or a campaign stating this is the first transgender person running for president.  When will we see a nurse, not a male nurse, or a cop, not a white cop?  When will it be more important for employers to hire the most qualified person, instead of the most qualified person from each of these different labels?  Labels that keep reminding us of worthless differences.   I’m wondering if it’s possible to get past color, religion, race, and gender and only see a person; a person no different than anyone else in what matters.   When will we realize we need to help every person achieve as much as they can and therefore accomplish as much as they can, no matter their social status, what they look like or believe?  I don’t care if you’re blue or green, have the same beliefs, or 100% different from me.  I hope you matter to you, because you matter to me.


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