Sharing Thoughts

From the book March: “There was a time, not so very many years distant, when my mind possessed no thought I did not share with her.”  I never thought about it before, how my husband and I shared every thought, except for the few things I kept confidential, between other people and myself, when asked to do so.  Thoughts came in and then out fairly quickly.  Often enough that their weight, excitement, or difficulty was shared.  They were no longer just my thoughts, or his, but ours.  If I kept mine too long, I’d find the weight becoming too heavy to carry, the excitement too much to hold in, or I’d be wrestling with issues long enough to make my head hurt.  Understanding thoughts requiring action, comes quicker when put into words.  Sharing exciting ones brings joy and sharing heavy ones, relief.  I find now I must keep a few friends in my back pocket, ready to pull out and share my thoughts with.  If it’s late, I’ll write them down, to get them out, so my mind can rest.  Kept to myself the heavy ones will crush the joyful, the only thing keeping the difficult ones from becoming insurmountable.


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