Life Matters

Life’s circumstances can be beyond my control, but allowing them to control me is not.  I get to choose my path after I’ve ended up in a place, no matter what brought me there.

Nature’s Choices/Life Matters

  • Can the mayfly say to the wind, don’t send me to the river
  • where I’ll get eaten by a fish?
  • Can the pine cone say to the spring rain, don’t force me into this crevice
  • where my growth will be limited to the nutrients you send me?
  • Can the seed say to the bird, don’t drop me in this thirsty place
  • where I’ll prosper then struggle over and over again?
  • Can the maple tree say to the storm, don’t disperse my seeds near the city
  • where trees are cut down to make way for new highways or homes?
  • Can the acorn say to the squirrel, don’t bury me where the sunlight can’t reach
  • where I’ll struggle all my life?
  • Life begins, not knowing where it will go,
  • what forces if will encounter, or where it will end up.
  • If there’s a choice, choose wisely; if not, survive.
  • Life, no matter the length or ease, matters.  You matter.

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