In My Way

This week’s This is Us mentioned life getting in the way regarding discovering a heart problem.  I thought about these unforeseen events or circumstances that come into my life and what it takes to get past them.  These are very different than the ones created when I get in my own.  If I become very overweight because I choose to eat badly, my weight problem is me getting in my own way.  I also considered other people getting in my way and causing problems, but their actions create re-actions from me, even if it’s doing nothing; I’m still doing the choosing, so it’s still me.  Life’s problems are not avoidable, but getting in my own way problems can be.  It takes thinking about my choices, hopefully avoiding the wrong ones.  Once in my own way, it takes vision to see what’s wrong and determination to set it right.  Although I don’t get to choose when life gets in my way (not if, because it certainly will), I do get to choose my re-action.  Life may push me around for a while, but I can choose to be determined from the start, to figure out how to get through or around.


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