Bottom of the Barrel

A couple in the stores yesterday sadden me listening to how they spoke to each other.  Their words, over deciding on something to drink, were condescending, critical, or downright mean.  They appeared to be in their early 40’s.  If they have children and speak to each other in front of them like they did in front of me, it would take my sadness up a level, asking what are they teaching them about being married?  Their words flowed easily for 10-15 minutes or so, making me think they’ve had lots of practice; long enough to make me want to act like a parent and have them sit across from each other until they could smile and say something nice, something my Mom had us do when we were kids and were unkind. I’ve said my share of such words to my husband.  Looking back I see they were not necessary or helpful.  They only added to the stress of the situation and didn’t solving anything.  It is possible to find kind, considerate, or respectful words for every situation if only I can reach past the ones that bubble up first and grab the ones at the bottom of the barrel.


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