I caught a short dialog in the movie City Slickers yesterday.  It had to do with spending years tying knots in your rope, asking, did you expect to get them all untied in just 2 weeks?  I believe the knots referred to marriage but I see them in my own life too.  My husband and I tied a good set of knots over our marriage.  Frustrations over toothpaste tubes, finances, and snoring, ending up in separate beds.  We did manage to solve the toothpaste tube knot, and I’m sure there were others we finally solved, but not all.  In my life I’ve acquired bad habits and behavior, some of which I’ve untied over the past few years as I’ve re-created my life, but others are still there, and still others I have yet to discover.  What happens as more knots are added and the previous ones not untied?  The rope keeps getting shorter, leaving less and less to hang on to.  Tying and ignoring knots takes little thought and less determination,  but I’ll need both, and patience, in order to find and define the knots, the key to solving how to untie them; lengthening my rope, finding a solid grip.


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