A Better Story

I’ve heard songs about lives being a story and thought what would my life’s story be.  It begins, she was born, into a story about a couple, and would move to a story about the couple I became with my husband.  Then there were three characters, then four, back to three, then two, and then one.  The dynamics changing as each person, job, college degree, career, and home came and went . Time allocated for the couple, the kids, our home, responsibilities, adventures, and fun times.  But my story is more than just the things I experience, and the things that happen to me and those around me.  It’s how I internalize these life events, which impacts who I am as a person, and affects where my spirit resides.  I must ask, do I spend my time remembering the hard and live in anger and sadness, surrounding myself with complaints and self-pity?  Or, have I put those things behind me, choosing to live in the present, knowing and accepting life isn’t fair and many things can’t be changed, surrounding myself with hope and possibilities?  Same life events, but very different responses, resulting in a very different spirit, a better story.


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