It’s a Good Day When . . .

I was thinking recently about how to finish the statement, it’s a good day when.  My answers first centered around positive things, like when I see my grandchildren, when I catch a fish, or when I find a reason to laugh.  The finish could also be about when negative things don’t happen.  The first thing that came to mind was when my Dish TV doesn’t go out, but wow, that’s not very insightful.  So I headed in the opposite direction with, when someone I love doesn’t die, but I intended the finishes to be about everyday living.  I finally came up with when I don’t complain, when I don’t get angry over stupid, insignificant things, when I don’t toss and turn at night for hours, or when I’m not impatient with anyone or anything.  If my husband were here, it would be when we don’t argue, when we don’t hit an impasse, or when we don’t stop at I don’t understand making it possible to move on to acceptance.  My conclusion is, it’s a good day when my behavior interacts positively with events and/or other people; acting rather than reacting; expecting ,and therefore finding, the good waiting to be discovered.


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