Love Mode

I remember so many words spoken in anger.  A hurtful response in response to being hurt.  Quickly decided, spoken without thought, spewed forth like hot lava.  Like a volcano there’s no stopping the flow until all words and name calling exhausted.  Later , I’m sorry, is also said, but it’s too late.  At some point I would step away so I could stop and think.  Some of the words being flung hit so hard they have yet to be forgotten, while most sting a little but are easily brushed off.  I wish there was a response delay timer, making it impossible to respond with anger for at least 5 minutes.  It would give the opportunity for all parties to calm down, and think about what was said and why and about what should be said next and why.  Time to think and calm down is the key – hard to do when being hurt sends me directly to hurt back mode.  It would have made a big difference, if the realization that I’m speaking to the person I love, sent me directly to love mode instead, because then I could have responded with what they really deserve, understanding and love.


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