Make Me, Break Me

After a chef was Chopped, she said, “It wasn’t this day that made me, it’s not this day that will break me.”  When things go bad, really or somewhat, this should be the reply.  All too often, in the moment, it’s concluded it’s the end, all is lost, and questions arise like, how can I possibly move forward, what will become of me.  My bad moments, huge disappointments, and devastating failures have made me lose sight of the future, halted thoughts of trying again, and made me forget past successes and all the giant steps forward.  At some point I do see, try, and remember again, but this reply will get me there quicker.  What made me is the sum of all of my days; the bad, the good, the normal, the scary, the fearful, the hopeful, the joyful.  One bad day or even the sum of all of my bad days is nothing out of the more than 22,000 days I’ve lived so far.  I’m still here, growing, finding joy, comfortable with more than I really need.  I’m living proof that one bad day, or even just one bad experience in one day, can’t make me or break me.


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