Love Myself Some More

Discovering another love myself moment came a few days ago when I cut my own hair.  I promised myself back in June I wouldn’t cut it myself any more, BUT I was sick of feeling crappy about how it looked and therefore how  I looked.  I don’t know why I postponed making a hair appointment BUT I did, bringing me to the point of doing something I know I shouldn’t do.  It was most likely a lack of motivation even though I had plenty of desperation.  It’s definitely not perfect, BUT it made an immediate difference in how I felt about myself.  I checked the mirror throughout the next day and yes, my hair looked the same as it did first thing that morning and I wasn’t afraid to go out and let people see me without a hood.  Great thing about hair is that it grows and so I’ll make an appointment in 6 weeks or so and get it done right, BUT for Christmas, the cut I gave myself, is more than just fine, it’s taken away the dread of seeing family feeling absolutely miserable about how I look.  Being good with my reflection = love myself.


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