Love Myself

I’ve taken my exercise challenge to heart and I’ve made it interesting and challenging, and it’s working.  It’s only been a week but I already feel less flabby and lost 5 pounds!  I started with three exercises that take less than 5 minutes combined and can be easily done throughout the day.  My inspiration came from two of my sisters who work together.  They set up short exercises triggered by some event, like the phone ringing or the beep of a car horn.  Each day I’ve tried to beat the day before as to how many times I did each type or how many repetitions.  Yesterday I added a new one and started going a bit slower.  My muscles were pretty sore at first but I agree with the statement, “no pain, no gain”.  The pain tells me I’m accomplishing something and I’ve found that there aren’t that many things I do where there’s immediate proof I’ve made a difference.   Even though this difference, this accomplishment, isn’t anything spectacular or astounding and only about me, it’s one thing I found that helps me feel good about myself.  It helps me love myself;  something I really need to start doing.


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