Exercise Enjoyable ?

It’s December 15th and I’ve pushed snow around for 13 of those days.  1 to 2 inches fall each night and is keeping everything white.  Removing snow has become part of my daily routine because if I drive on it, it turns to ice. Since ice on a sloping driveway is not good, this task is easy to add to my daily routine.  I have other things I should add to my daily routine and there are really good reasons to do so but not good enough to inspire me to do so.  Exercise is an important one which I think about, but don’t do, every day.  I know all the benefits but still don’t.  What will it take to want to do it?  I, like the rest of the world, have someday intentions – I’ll do it someday, maybe tomorrow.  It’s not because I lack the money; exercise is free.  I know I lack determination and inspiration.  How do I get these? I don’t need them to have peanut butter and chocolate chips every day because that’s an enjoyable tasty treat!  So maybe I need to figure out how to make exercise enjoyable – now that’s a challenging assignment!


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