No Weeds

Last night my dinner included carrots and potatoes I grew in my garden; they were so flavorful!  It was great knowing I grew them, that I could help feed myself.  My husband and I have always had gardens, from small enough for two to farm stand size, growing mostly vegetables but at times strawberries and chickens for eggs and meat.  We also grew two amazing kids.  We believed that blood, like the soil the vegetables are grown in, matters somewhat, but planting seeds and tending the plants is what matters most.  I plant specific seeds in the garden, but weeds also pop up unexpectedly and need to be pulled out.  Similarly, parents need to intentionally plant seeds, or teach, their children many things, like being kind and helping others, but when not so great seeds pop up in children they need to be removed before they take root.  Adding water and sunlight is an important part of tending plants, just as love, hugs, and time are to children.  Parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life, just as I am to my garden.  If left unattended, my garden would be full or weeds and so it is with children.


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