More on Purpose

Our forest friends, as my daughter-in-law calls them, have it much easier than we do when it comes to their life purpose.  They must find food and shelter in order to stay alive.  Their entire existence consists of hunting and/or gathering and building their homes, and in doing so stay physically fit.  How differently then, do we spend our time: working to get paid so we can purchase our needs, but mostly our wants, and in the process don’t get the exercise we need, over eat, and create the need to discover another purpose for our lives.  Parenting is an important purpose, but after my kids left and especially since I retired, there are many optional hours to spend.  Can I spend them on a much needed purpose or will I let them waste away?  Oh, to not have such a choice.rscn3094

  • Spider Web / Purpose
  • The intricate weaving of a spider’s web. Jeweled with dew drops.
  • So beautiful it’s hard to remember why it’s there.
  • To catch a meal, not the dew.
  • How patiently the spider waits.
  • He needs the sun to shine to make the web disappear.
  • How bright the sun shines. How doomed the unsuspecting fly.

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