I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately and discovering having one is a key factor in keeping depression and sadness at bay.  Ever since I finished all my craft projects to sell, I’ve had trouble getting up each morning.  I found myself with too many purposeless hours in the day, so why not use some up by sleeping in?  I don’t have any of the really good, usual reasons to get up, like a husband, kids at home, or a job to get to by 8am.  Without these non-optional external purposes, I have to dig deep to come up with an optional, important, meaningful purpose for my life and it’s harder than I thought.  I can see the benefits of keeping busy and using my brain, but for what?  How do I transition, from years and years of finding purpose in what others required of me, to finding a purposeful life where nothing is required of me?  Whatever the reason or purpose I choose, it must involve staying active both mentally and physically, because doing just the opposite will quickly make my body catch up to my age; something always worth postponing for as long as I can.


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