All We See

I’ve been reading the account of Margaret and Olaus Murie’s trips to northern Alaska in the 1920’s.  I’m amazed at their contentment and appreciation for the little they took with them.  She writes about the beauty of the mountains, rivers, and sky, the vast amount of wildlife, and how they traveled for months with all they needed on a dogsled.  It’s hard for me to imagine cooking, washing dishes, staying warm, and sleeping in this wilderness of snow, ice, and darkness.  I’m spoiled with so many modern conveniences like electricity, a clothes washer/dryer, a dishwasher, automatic heat, the grocery store, and still I desire more so I can do less.  I don’t appreciate these things or the time they save me.  Why did the need for things become the focus of how time and energy is spent?  Why did the TV, smart phones, and computers be allowed to draw attention away from the world outside and people?  “What makes us happy to go back to Fairbanks . . . Is it the new buildings, . . . beautiful landscaped homes, the busy traffic, the neon signs?  All this we see with our eyes, but it does not touch us.” (photo by A. Wells – Devil’s Pass, AK)devils-pass-5-2-16


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