Courage and Kindness

In the 2015 movie Cinderella, there was a simple, recurring theme, “have courage and be kind”.  So easy to remember, so profound.  Two simple statements, one for myself and one for everyone else.  Courage is one of the greatest qualities one can possess in order to face all the tough unknowns in this world.  The key is to face them, not run from them, not to toughen me up or make me no longer care what happens to me but to give me the chance to show and know I have the strength to make it through.  Being kind is a choice.  It can be very easy or extremely hard depending on how I’m treated but there is no “if clause” in the statement.  Always be kind, no matter what the other person does.  It’s my actions that impact me, not there’s.  If I’m hurt by someone’s words or actions, I might feel good for a while to let them have it, but I’ll feel good forever if I repay in kindness.  Each day will require one, bring opportunity for the other, or both, so I will be ready to have courage and look for every occasion to be kind.


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