I Want Even More

I want to be held while I cry until the last tear.  I want to snuggle on the couch, watching a movie together.  I want to eat my supper and enjoy conversation instead of watching TV.  I want to go out for supper and enjoy a beer and great food.  I want to be held by strong arms until I fall asleep.  I want to wake and watch him sleep.  I want to feel a gentle touch and be told I’m beautiful.  I want to wake to the smells of breakfast cooking.  I want to go fishing and share the joy of the day’s catch.  I want to walk down Main Street holding hands.  I want to share the joy of grandchildren.  I want to experience the Adirondacks in every season, hiking, paddling, snowshoeing, climbing, or skiing side by side.   I want to see the joy and appreciation for the delicious meal and dessert I made.  I want to share working in the garden, in the yard, and in the shop.  I want to be kissed.  So many wants.  I’ve experienced more than some ever will and, even though I want many, many more, I am truly thankful.


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