Beautiful Sunrise

I’ve always appreciated sunsets; the cloud patterns and ever changing range of colors created by the sun as it sets.  I never appreciated the sun rising, rarely finding beauty there.  I discovered the real beauty of a sunrise is not seen with the eyes, after reading the words “a sunrise of promise”.  Sunsets are beautiful, but they do represent the end of the day.  The day has passed, what’s done is done, wasted or spent to the fullest extent, moments never to be altered.  I don’t need to see the sun rise to know it happens every day.  It is way more than just an event; it’s the moment the day’s potential begins.  What is the day capable of?  How much can it hold?  How many possibilities will be seen or missed?  Some of these answers will depend on my choices and actions, and others on my reactions, imagination, hope, determination, and stamina.  I’ve faced all kinds of days from dreamlike to unthinkable and everything in between but I don’t remember ever starting any day wondering, with excitement, what will it bring, and reminding myself as it begins, that I have what it takes to face whatever comes my way.


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