Defeat Determines Victory

I’ve been defeated by my cold and cough, the snow, the satellite dish, a squirrel, Etsy shipping, sleep, Grandparent’s Day, and the weather forecast.  I’ve been defeated before, so I know I will rise from the mud to sail upon the sea.  Well maybe not the sea (fear of water), but it sounded nice.  Being defeated by one thing is hard enough, but as each one hit, and sinking further became easier and easier, I’m finding it fairly easy to stay down than to keep struggling, at least for a while.  Even though I know I’ll be OK, I’m not sure when or how because defeat doesn’t necessarily repeat itself in exactly the same way each time and if defeat is not the same, neither is the victory.   For a family issue it took a move and forgiving, even if it was never asked for.  For my husband to finish his teaching degree it was massive amounts of self-motivation.  The sale of my last home was the joy over having it gone and being done with it.  Sometimes it’s just telling a friend what’s going on, not so much because you want them to fix it, rather to just listen.


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