I’m not runway beautiful or movie-star famous.  I’m not circus-performer amazing or rock-star talented.  I’m not iron-chef material or tight-rope-walker daring.  I’m not Freddy Krueger scary or Mary Poppins magical.  But . . . I have all of these in me if I am, or others are, willing to look.  There’s beauty there if I just get past the outside.  I believe I’ve positively impacted enough lives that I’ll be remembered for a while after I’m gone.  There are things I’ve made and accomplished that are pretty amazing, if I can get past thinking it’s prideful to acknowledge them.  I love to do lots of things, and maybe that’s why I’ve mastered none, but I love doing them and that’s what counts.  I can make some homemade meals and desserts good enough for them to be asked for over and over again for the last 30 years.  I hate fast and water, especially together, but that didn’t stop me from running the Hudson River at high water.  There’s been mornings when my reflection requires me to be brave and I’ve seen the magic of discovery in the eyes of my children and grandchildren as we share new adventures.  Just look!


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