Not Failure

I find myself saddened by the news media and posts on Facebook concerning the next president of the United States.  To predict failure, to want anyone to fail, makes no sense.  The result of one person’s failure can impact many.  What’s wrong with wanting the best, not only for yourself, but for others?  Nothing.  What’s wrong with wanting the expected or desired result to be failure right from the start?  Everything.  I never wanted my kids to fail because when they succeeded, I felt like I also succeeded.  My husband ran into many brick walls finishing his teaching degree.  One was so horrendous it seemed impossible to climb over, but he did because failure wasn’t an option, no matter how much conquering each hurdle changed him.  And if you think failure is certain in some circumstances and situations, think again.  Nothing but death is absolutely certain.  The same train stops for all of us. We don’t get to decide to get on or not, but we do get to decide what side of the tracks to live on while we wait – positive or negative, try or not try, hope or despair, joy or sadness.  Time ticks by either way.


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