First Date

A memory of our first “date”:  I used quotes because we never went on dates – no money! No car either.  My husband rode his bike everywhere, so he rode 15 miles to my parent’s house and we went for a hike.  I was already in love with this sensitive, handsome man, who, for some reason, wanted to spend time with me.  We sat on the grassy knoll at the top for quite a while, not holding hands, just talking about things I can’t remember, when out of the corner of my eye I saw long hairy legs walking up the back next to me.  I screamed of course and moved away, leaving him to look my way and spy the giant legs just below his shoulder.  “Get him off, get him off!”  Right, but with what?  No way was I going to touch it, so I used my boot to side swipe his back, sending it flying.  He had many other creepy encounters with spiders.  Walking into webs, squished under his shirt; the stuff that would make me say no more woods, but not him.  He loved the forest and me, despite the spiders and a good swift kick!


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