My Voice

My daughter reminded me about what my husband used to say to his students about swearing.  Anyone can swear.  Use real words instead and you’ll be heard.  A swear word has multiple meanings.  Do you mean, you don’t understand me, it’s too hard, I just messed up, or I can’t figure it out?  Expressing what you really mean takes a lot more than just one word and includes choosing the right words.  I proofread my blogs many times to make sure they clearly say what I mean, and if not, words are changed before sending them out into the world.  Speaking words should take the same amount of thought, but I’ve said things I shouldn’t have, used the wrong words, not said what I really mean, and then they’re out there forever.  I can use more words to smooth out the wrong ones, but I can’t take them back.  And here’s why a face to face dialog is best.  Even when I say what I mean, it doesn’t guarantee the person I’m saying them to won’t misunderstand their meaning.   May I never live in a world where a phone takes the place of my face, or my thumbs, my voice.


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