Stop Circling

Lights, camera, action! Ready, set, go! Both of these phrases tells us to pay attention, be prepared, and do something!  I’ve complained often enough about people and stuff in my life that I not only don’t like, I need them out.  What good does complaining do anyway?  It’s like getting on a merry-go-round, simply going around and around, not wanting to figure out how to get off.  It makes me feel yucky, and if I’m complaining to someone else, just to complain, I’m just spreading the yucky around.  It also enables me to feel sorry for myself, and what a pitiful state that is.  A couple of times I hated my job.  Once I changed jobs and the other time I found something else to do, but decided my job wasn’t all that bad and stopped complaining.  It seemed I was always grumbling about what some of my Facebook “friends” were posting, so I decided to “unfollow” them.  Voila!  No more frustrating posts, no more grumbling.  So I need to stop circling my issues and pay attention to my first complaint, figure out what to do about it, and take action, even if that action is to simply shut up!


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