People are inconsistent and multifaceted things.  Sometimes it takes sorrow for me to appreciate joy.  I want to be good, but sometimes not.  I’d like to beat myself up when I’m stupid, but make myself feel better by eating cookies instead.  I try to eat healthy, but love butter and bacon.  I have great distaste towards exercising indoors, but will take all I can get outdoors.  It’s tough to face and deal with the parts of me that aren’t all that pretty, but don’t appreciate the parts that are.  I say things I don’t mean, but find it hard to say things I do mean.  I need to get up because I’ve got lots to do, but oh, I’m so comfy in my warm soft bed.  When all these inconsistencies come together in one person, in the right proportions, they make that person interesting, surprising, and unpredictable.  Amazingly strange, but it works.

  • Seeds/Contradictions
  • A seed comes to life in the dark and damp.
  • The leaves sprout up and the root goes deep.
  • While the root thrives in the dark, the leaves flourish in the light.
  • Nourishment to the seen, nourishment to the unseen.
  • Each just as important as the other.

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