Down for the Count?

When I heard these words from a song, “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”, I asked do I?  I believe I do at times and for certain battles, but other times and other battles, I wonder if I do.  I’ve been in a battle that everyone has faced or will face; the death of someone so close, half of you seems to have died too.  I know people who have been through battles I hope I never face; divorce, serious medical issues, the death of a child.  All of these are similar in that they test our resolve, our fight.  I, like a boxer, have been knocked down.  I’ve not wanted to get out of bed, or eat, or do anything but stare into space and cry.  But somewhere, whether inside myself, or from someone else, the chant “get up” can be heard.  I have to get past the pain, find the fight, and pick myself back up.  So to answer my own question, how do I know there’s fight left in me?  I’m breathing.  If I still have life left in me, I still have fight left in me.  I’m not down for the count.


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