I was struck by these words in a song, “It’s up to us to choose whether we win or lose.”  I face small battles every day and some of these are beyond my control, but, in my control or not, I get to choose how they end.  Someone, like my auto mechanic that took 2 days to get my oil change done, or something, like my lawn mower not starting, might think they can defeat me, and they can, but only if I let them.  I’ve faced tough battles with family, where a tie might be best for both, but I believe we won because we forgave without waiting for the apology that never came.  I’m still fighting the battle over my husband’s death with every intention to win, even though I don’t know when, or if, that day will come.  I can only press forward, making progress towards the win, and maybe that’s all I’ll do, but at least I’m determined not to lose.  Who’s the win/lose judge anyway?  It can only be me because I’m the only one that can see past ugly words, hard times, and impossible odds, and know in my heart I’m going to win.


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