Life’s Menu

The butter packaging said gluten free.  I didn’t realize people didn’t already know that, but gluten free is a really big deal right now.  There are other processed foods that say they’re free of things like sugar, preservatives, and fat.  That’s great, but for me, they better taste good and not substitute something worse.  Restaurant menus now contain info about what’s in or not in their menu items.  It would be amazing if I could order up a life free of challenges, obstacles, failures, and heart ache, but life isn’t served that way.  I can however, add a few side dishes of strength, determination, and a positive outlook, condiments like a little help from my friends and encouragement, and seasonings like smiles and laughter.  Adding these make it possible to successfully navigate through all life serves, and when I finish each dish I’ll find that life taste good and will realize I just might have it in me to get through something even worse.  A life free of all things difficult, unpleasant, and discouraging also makes life free of knowing success, accomplishment, growth, and healing.  I just need to remember, there’s more than just main dishes on life’s menu.


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