The Middle

My life began without my consent.  Years went by where I had few choices and decisions were made for me, like what I ate and wore, and what TV shows I watched.  I went to school, and got part-time jobs, my driver’s license, and a high school diploma, because that’s what you did.  College didn’t come right after, but it did come and was completed on my own.  My life, which is now heading towards the end, is sometimes challenging physically, and memories, more so than activities, will soon be where I’ll go.  So that leaves the middle.  Those years where I get to make the most choices, have the best adventures, figure out what my life will be, and plan for the years at the end.  I didn’t work it all away, but a good part.  I spent more and more time at my hobbies as the kids got older and I’m glad I have them, now that I’m retired.  I certainly have adventures, traveling to wonderful places with amazing people.  I just wish I had heard the words, “enjoy the middle”, 40 years ago, because enjoy would have been given much more consideration when making my choices.


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