Things change, sometimes on purpose, other times beyond our control.  We wish for change, we avoid change, we fight against it.  Some change is good, other kinds, not so good.  Some changes take lots of money and others none at all.  Change can take us to different places or keep us where we are.  It was pretty easy finding ways my husband could change but much harder seeing the changes I should make.  Deciding to have a second child was easy but changing my job and moving to New Hampshire was not. There was no crystal ball to let us see what the result would be so we made the best decision we could, based on what we knew at the time, and hoped for the best.  Change takes things as we know them and makes them something different, making us different, impacting our lives in various ways, taking us to new places; scary, exciting!

  • Rain / Change
  • Rain turns brown to green.  Rain brings life to seeds unseen.
  • Rain melts snow and sugar.  Rain makes sneakers squeak.
  • Rain gives you a new hairdo.
  • Rain changes things.  Not all to the bad.
  • Sometimes better.  Sometimes worse.
  • And sometimes just different.

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