I’ve heard the saying, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade, but today it was phrased a little different and I like it much better.  When life throws you lemons, make something resembling lemonade.  Lemonade, although made with one of the sourest fruits, can be a tasty drink if enough sugar is added.  Something resembling lemonade is a drink somewhere between just barely drinkable and tolerable.  It would be great if all of life’s sour moments could be turned into something nice and sweet, but when they can’t, try making something other than perfectly sweetened lemonade.  Based on the number of times I’ve seen the positive outlooks of children with physical disabilities or cancer, kids are masters of the art of managing lemons.  There is no other alternative for them to do otherwise because they don’t understand uncertainty, failure, depression, and stress.  I, on the other hand, tend to hold onto the lemon for a while before squeezing it, and then I can’t seem to find enough sugar and it takes a while to get out there and find some more.  When did I let all that’s unfortunate about being an adult steal away my art of managing lemons?


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